Baby-Boomer Tribute Bands

Some aging Baby-Boomers are performing rock music in order to feel young again. Many are forming tribute bands and need helping coming up with a good name. I came up with some suggestions:

Alan Parsons Wake

Oxygen Air Supply

New Kids On My Lawn

UB 78

Nagging Femmes

Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Florida



Sure Then (Yes)

Auntie Em (Toto)

ZZ Middle

Tom Petty and the Windbreakers

Bran & Oates

Take Your Time (Rush)

Run E.M.T.

Deaf Leopard.

Hole…in the ground.


Decomposing Kenedy’s


Sonic Euthanasia

A.M. Radiohead

The Jackson Four

The Retired Carpenters

Credence Clearwater Recuperation

Rage Against the Dialysis Machine

The Talking Yentas

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Undertaker

Grey Floyd

REO Laxitivewagon

2 Live Jews

The Beach Goys

The WHO????

The Kidney Stones


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